ORBERA® Gastric Balloon Integrated Weight Loss System

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100% non-surgical

The procedure is a non-surgical and a reversible one for weight loss. This means there are nosurgeries, stitches, or scars after the procedure.

A tool to lose up to 3x more weight

Orbera® helps patients lose up to 3x times more weight than what they could achieve with dietand exercise alone.

Over 300,000 footballs distributed worldwide.

Lose weight and learn how to keep it off with the # 1 balloon for weight loss on the market

 How much weight youÔÇÖll lose?

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Stop wasting money on weight loss systems that donÔÇÖt work

The Orbera® weight loss system provides you, in almost all cases, with significant results in a period of approximately 6 months.

The Orbera® program combines the latest in gastric balloon technology, coupled with a team of support staff, and a personalized diet and exercise plan.

This comprehensive program combines portion control with healthy lifestyle training for safe and effective weight loss.

FDA approved

The Orbera® Integrated Weight Loss System helps patients lose up to approximately 3X times more weight than diet and exercise alone.

300K ÔÇô Real results around the world

Millions of pounds lost using Orbera®, over 300,000 gastric balloons.

Stomach ÔÇô Weight loss without surgery

This procedure is reversible and non-surgical for weight loss. This means no surgeries, stitches, or scars after the procedure.

20 Years ÔÇô The # 1 balloon for weight loss

Orbera┬« is the worldÔÇÖs leading weight loss balloon and has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals over the last 20 years.


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How Orbera® Gastric Balloon Works

Without surgery ÔÇô The gastric balloon is inserted orally (endoscopic procedure)through the esophagus and is placed directly on the stomach, during a procedure that is carried outrelatively quickly and without surgery. There is no
need for incisions, stitches, or scars.

It is not permanent ÔÇô After 6 months, the balloon is carefully removed and then thedirected care program begins.

  1. The deflated Orbera┬« balloon is inserted through the patientÔÇÖs oral cavity into the stomach.
  2. The balloon is inflated using a sterile saline solution, to about the size of agrapefruit.
  3. The balloon takes up enough space in your stomach to assist the patient in the process of adjusting to a healthier life.
  4. After a period of 6 months, the balloon is removed with a non-surgical procedure.
  • Real-time monitoring devices
  • Mobile applications on IOS and Android platforms
 How Orbera® Works

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Success with the Orbera® Gastric Balloon

ÔÇťIf I had felt this way before, I canÔÇÖt imagine what my life would have been like.ÔÇŁ

Lost approximately 54 pounds

ÔÇťI thank Orbera┬« for saving my life and helping me transform into a healthier, thinner person.ÔÇŁ

Lost approximately 67 pounds

ÔÇťThis is the cheapest new life I could have bought. I have another 40 years with my family.ÔÇŁ

Lost approximately 126 pounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the Orbera® Program varies but is generally a price that includes the Orbera® balloon, the placement procedure, the removal procedure, and 12 months of medical care and dietary advice.

How does it feel?

Orbera® occupies a space in the stomach of patients and will provide a sensation similar to a small meal. The system will help you to achieve adequate control of your food portions during the six months that the balloon is in your stomach.
It usually takes a few days for your body to adjust to the Orbera® balloon. Most patients experience nausea, vomiting and reflux but this usually goes away within a few days and your doctor will guide you on how to control these symptoms.

Does it really work? How much weight can I expect to lose?

Orbera® has helped thousands of patients around the world lose weight. Orbera® has been studied in more than 200 clinical studies throughout the world. In the clinical study that was used during the process of applying for FDA approval,
patients on average lost 3 times their weight from diet or exercise or about 10% of their total body weight.

When will I see results?

In most patients, weight loss is rapid and most of it occurs in the first three months after balloon placement. While most weight loss occurs in the first few months, Orbera® is a 12-month program that provides training and coaching to
help you maintain your weight.

What should I do if I gain weight?

Many patients use time with their Orbera® balloon and the post-procedure training period to develop a new lifestyle. Thus, achieving their weight loss goal and/or continue the weight loss process. Therefore, the training and follow-up
period after balloon removal is very important. However, some patients may regain weight after balloon removal. In a clinical study in the US, patients on average maintained 75% of their weight loss after 6 months of balloon removal.

Orbera® Intragastric Balloon System
For full safety information, download the Orbera Patient Information Booklet[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Important safety information for the Orbera® Intragastric Balloon System

  • The Orbera┬« Intragastric Balloon System is a weight loss aid for obese adults, with a body mass index (BMI) Ôëą30 and ÔëĄ40 kg / m2, who have tried other weight loss programs, such as following supervised diet, exercise, and behavior modification
    programs and have not achieved sustainable weight loss.
  • To receive the Orbera┬« balloon, the patient must be willing to follow a 12-month program, starting with the placement of Orbera┬« and continuing for 6 months thereafter, including a healthy diet and exercise plan. If the diet and exercise program
    is not followed, you will not experience significant weight loss results. In fact, you may not experience any weight loss.
  • Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. You will be supervised by a team made up of doctors, psychologists, and nutritionists. This team will help you make and maintain major changes to your eating and fitness habits.
  • Orbera┬« is placed for a period of six months. If a balloon remains in the stomach for more than six months, you run the risk of complications, such as a bowel obstruction, which could lead to complications, including the death of the patient.
  • Some patients are not eligible to receive Orbera┬«. Your doctor will ask about your medical history and will also perform a physical exam to determine your eligibility for the device. In addition, at the time of placement, the physician may identify
    internal factors, such as stomach irritation or ulcers, that may impede the Orbera® placement process.
  • The Orbera┬« should not be inserted if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the next six months or are breastfeeding.
  • Complications that can result from the use of Orbera┬« include the risks associated with any endoscopic procedure and those associated with the medications and methods used in this procedure, as well as the patientÔÇÖs ability to tolerate a foreign
    object placed in their stomach. Possible complications include: partial or complete blockage of the intestine by the balloon and / or perforation of the stomach (which can be fatal), insufficient or no weight loss, adverse health consequences
    as a result of weight loss , stomach upset, ongoing nausea and vomiting, abdominal or back pain, reflux, heartburn, influence on food digestion, blockage of food entering the stomach, growth of bacteria in the fluid that fills the balloon,
    which can lead to infection, injury to the lining of the digestive tract, stomach, or esophagus, and deflation of the balloon
  • Important: For complete safety information, visit Orbera.com/ISI, consult your physician, or call Apollo Customer Service at 855-700-0780.

CAUTION: Orbera® is only available by prescription.