Medical Nutrition Therapy

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What is medical nutrition therapy?

Medical nutrition therapy is a program that allows patients to receive evaluation, a customized diet plan, and ongoing monitoring for weight loss.

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Who it is for?

Medical nutrition therapy is for people who are overweight, and those with certain health conditions. It is also fitting for individuals who have had certain weight loss procedures, such as ESG, and need guidance and ongoing monitoring
to keep off the weight and maintain a healthy living style.

How does the program work?

The initial step for medical nutrition therapy is a comprehensive evaluation by our bariatric physician and registered dietician. Patients receive a customized diet plan and are also prescribed pharmacotherapy. Follow-up visits at two-week
intervals are recommended.


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How much weight you will lose?

As part of medical nutrition therapy, Masterpiece physician and dietitian help patients set nutrition goals. Many patients lose around 1 to 1.5 pounds a week, depending on adherence to the diet and pharmacotherapy plans. The bi-weekly follow-up, and
consistent reviews of your eating and exercising habits, all assist in tracking progress, with adjustments to the plans being made as necessary. The goal is to help patients make positive, long-term lifestyle changes for sustainable weight

How much weight you will lose?