About Us Masterpiece Non-surgical weight loss solutions

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Who We Are?

Masterpiece Non-surgical weight loss solutions is the first and only endo-bariatric center dedicated to weight loss and Plastic Surgery. Masterpiece Non-surgical weight loss solutions offers you a wide range of endo-bariatric procedures and support services
to help patients lose weight, including the OverStitch gastroplasty sleeve endoscopic (ESG), bariatric review procedures, intragastric balloon placement (Orbera®) and medical nutrition therapy and psychiatric support.

 How much weight you’ll lose?

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The problem

Too many people are not comfortable in their own bodies. Yes, there are health problems from carrying too much weight, we all know that. But there is an ongoing mental and emotional toll that many people feel every day. They avoid mirrors
and cameras because they feel overweight. They have all tried different diets, tried exercising, and may drop a few pounds, but they keep coming back.

Does it sound familiar to you?

There are a significant and growing number of people who have discovered the diet industry’s best kept secret. Lifestyle modifications – drastically changing what you eat and participating in rigorous exercise regimens – only make a minimal
difference in weight loss (usually between 1 and 4% of total body weight). And that difference rarely lasts.

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The real solution

What if there were several state-of-the-art, non-surgical weight loss procedures that could allow you to lose the weight that is holding you back from the life you want?

What if you had an expert medical staff to guide you through the process of finding the right procedure for you … who would provide the support you need both before and after your procedure?

What if these options allowed you to forget about your weight completely and finally just live your life?

With Masterpiece Non-surgical weight loss solutions lose weight if possible. We provide outpatient weight loss procedures – safe, effective, non-surgical providing surgical-level results that allow you to experience life completely anew.

 How much weight you’ll lose?