A Less Invasive Gastric Bypass Alternative – Pill Balloon

A Less Invasive Gastric Bypass Alternative – Pill Balloon

The Orbera Gastric Pill Balloon is a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass. It is an outpatient procedure that requires only a short outpatient visit. The procedure can be performed in 20 minutes. The balloon is filled with 550 mL of fluid containing a preservative called potassium sorbate.

Orbera Gastric Balloon

The Orbera Gastric Balloon is a medical device that is used to help patients lose weight without having to undergo gastric bypass surgery. It is placed in the stomach through an endoscopic procedure and is inflated with saline. Patients should lose weight 10% to 20% of their body weight within 6 months. After the procedure, patients are provided with ongoing dietary and emotional support.

The implanted balloon can only stay in place for about six months before it has to be removed. 

Since it is reversible, the Orbera Gastric Balloon procedure can help people who cannot undergo bariatric surgery. It also offers patients the opportunity to lose a significant amount of weight without the risks of bariatric surgery.

After gastric ballooning, patients may return to their normal diet after two to three weeks. However, they should take daily calcium and multivitamin supplements. After the balloon is removed, the weight loss will slow down. Depending on your commitment to your diet, you may need to increase the amount of exercise that you do.

In addition to helping patients lose weight, the Orbera Gastric Balloon helps them adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Although weight loss is not permanent, patients can maintain their new weight with a continued low-calorie diet and exercise.

Benefits of Orbera Pill Balloon

After the balloon has been placed, most patients can begin eating normally again within a few days. During this time, they should focus on chewing food well and eating four to five small meals a day. They should also drink plenty of water after each meal to clean the balloon. After a few days, they will be able to eat more food and feel satisfied without feeling deprived.

The procedure is simple and usually takes less than an hour. The surgeon will use a thin tube to insert the balloon. The balloon is then filled with sterile saline. The balloon remains in the stomach for six months. Over that time, the patient will experience weight loss of up to 50 pounds. As the balloon gradually reduces the amount of food allowed, it also retrains the brain to anticipate when the stomach is full.

The ORBERA pill balloon system is intended for use by adults who have been unsuccessful with other methods of weight loss. 

Gastric Balloon is Non-Surgical and less invasive than gastric bypass

There are several differences between a gastric balloon and a gastric bypass. The gastric balloon procedure is a Non-Surgical and less invasive and does not require any hospital stay. Patients can undergo the procedure in as little as half an hour. The gastric balloon procedure is also less expensive, but may not be covered by insurance. 

In addition to this, the procedure also requires less recovery time than other bariatric surgeries. After the procedure, the patient will still need to follow a diet plan and exercise. During the recovery process, patients should consume smaller portions of food to allow their bodies to adjust to the new changes. They should avoid high-fat, sugar, and starchy foods.

The benefits of a gastric balloon over a gastric bypass surgery include a lower risk of infection, fewer side effects, and lower cost. The procedure is temporary, lasting about six months, and can be removed early if necessary. 

Patients undergoing gastric balloon surgery typically lose about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight during the first six months. However, there is no guarantee that they will lose as much weight as people who undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Is Orbera Gastric Pill Balloon right for me?

The Orbera gastric pill balloon is a FDA-approved, minimally invasive weight loss surgery. This procedure helps patients lose up to three times the weight they could with diet and exercise alone. The procedure is painless and can be done in the comfort of Mastermind Non-surgical weight loss locations. It only takes 20 minutes, and you are usually discharged within a few hours. You should expect to feel uncomfortable for the first few days, but these symptoms are normal. Once you have recovered from the balloon placement, you can resume your regular diet and exercise plan.

After the balloon has been placed, most patients feel better after a few days. During this time, it is recommended that you eat small, frequent meals and chew each bite thoroughly. You should drink plenty of water after eating so that your stomach can recover. You should also avoid certain foods during this time and continue to follow a diet rich in nutrients.

The Orbera Gastric Pill Balloon is an FDA-approved gastric implant. There are a variety of reasons why you may need this device. The procedure has a relatively high success rate and a low risk of complications. However, it is not suitable for everyone.

How much weight can I lose with Orbera Balloon?

The amount of weight you can lose with the Orbera balloon for gastric bypass varies from person to person. The average patient loses about 10% to 20% of the weight they started after the procedure. However, the weight you lose will depend on your starting weight, how much exercise you do, and your motivation level.

The procedure involves inserting an inflatable balloon into the stomach. This balloon takes up space inside the stomach and limits the amount of food you can eat at one sitting. It also helps you learn how to control your portions and develop new habits. The balloon is typically removed after about six months.

The procedure is also considered safer than other weight-loss surgeries. Because it is non-surgical, the procedure does not alter your body’s anatomy or cause any complications. It also offers patients the added advantage of minimal downtime. Patients who opt for the procedure typically have a BMI of thirty to forty and are seeking to lose 20 to 30 pounds. However, it is not recommended for people with previous stomach surgery or bowel disease.

Although results vary greatly from patient to person, the ORBERA balloon is proven to enhance the effects of the gastric bypass diet and exercise program. Patients typically lose between 20 and thirty pounds during their first six months. This weight loss is sustained and can be even greater if the patient maintains healthy habits and follows the prescribed diet.